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Hey guys, hope you're all having a fab valentines day. I've had the cutest, more roses than i could ever wish for and Valentines breakfast, how dreamy! Aha. 

I was so stuck on what to get my boyfriend for valentines day, I'm someone that loves little things with a lot: of meaning, I was searching for so long to find the perfect gift then I came across this 'Hand Holding Casting Kit' I saw the photographs of it and thought it was the cutest thing ever!
The Alginate and Stone powder come in little bags like the one to the right, its so easy to do, you  mix the alginate with water to create the mould and hold your hands in there for only 5 minutes! The mould changes colour so you know when its dry which I thought was so handy, no worrying about whether you're taking your hand out too quick, then you mix up the stone powder, pour into the mould and wait 20 minutes, such a quick easy process for such a beautiful finished product.
The Casting Kit came in such an adorable bag as well what a bonus, in the bag you get 

❤ A Plastic Casting Container 
 2 Bags of Alginate (the mould)
❤ 2 Bags of Stone powder
❤ 2 Latex Gloves
❤ A Wooden Cleaning Tool 
❤ Sachet PVA Glue
❤ Brush
So here is the finished product! Quick, easy and affordable, it cost me £50 and came within 2 weeks, I found such an amazing gift that I think can be used for anything, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and be brought for a friend or family member. 

This casting kit was ordered from

such a bad quality video, can not wait to get a proper camera but just wanted to show you guys!


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