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Love Favourites❤ - Laura Mercier

Mettisse's Favourites

LAURA MERCIER! omg, this collection is the most insane body wash, cream, shower gel I have EVER used,  I had only ever used to use the cream before, but my boyf realised how much I loved it and brought the whole set for me for a treat aha. It smells so incredible and not only that but it lasts, I use either the shower gel or body wash depending on whether I'm having a bath or shower, then use the cream which you literally need a pea size of it for each bit of your body, then top it of with a little spritz of the perfume. It is so cute when you have a bath cause you can use the wooden honey dipper to extract the product from the jar into your bath which I think is my favourite part of the whole of this set.

I used this cream on my face once and never again, its defiantly only for your body, it's more like an added scent to wear along side your perfume or on its own. I really can't wait to try other products of hers as she is a professional make up artist and from looking at this bath set i'm sure she would go all out with her make up, I will let you all know how I get on with them

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