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Love Favourites❤ - Coconut Oil

Hello Gorgeous 

Today I wanted to do a quick post about coconut oil.. yes I know it's practically talked to death with everyone jumping on the hype but I wanted to share with you what I use coconut oil for as it's part of my everyday life and I absolutely adore it! My favourite and cheapest I've found to buy is

KTC coconut oil I buy it from Morrison's and it's only £1! One tip when buying coconut oil is make sure it's natural and not just scented with coconut fragrance as pure coconut oil doesn't have a scent..

I slap this all over my dry body like there's no tomorrow my skin practically drinks it, it makes my legs look gorgeous and glowy. I use it as a night time oil on my face too, I wake up with lovely soft skin. 

Bath oil
Candles, wine, good music and a long soak in coconut oil and bath bubbles is guaranteed to make you feel pampered after a long day. 

Hair oil
My hair is very dry and thick and can become quite frizzy if I don't take care of it so coconut oil for me is a great choice of oil to tame my hair and make it sleek. I use it on damp freshly washed hair but if your hair type is quite fine/thin I would definitely use it as a pre shampoo treatment instead!

The healthy option oil to with cook with and is good if your trying to be a bit more health conscious. 

Makeup remover
I use this all the time to take of my makeup it's amazing for taking of mascara with little effort and melting away any gunk you have on your face after a day of looking gorgeous. Love love love.. 

I use before shaving all the time as my legs get razor cuts and rash a lot but using this oil this oil creates a nice rich barrier of protection so I can glide over my legs smoothly.

Love Eden

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