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Love Life - 5 things I do on a Lazy Sunday.

                                 Sundays... ah how I love Sundays a day for lie ins food and relaxing although when you have kids the long sleepy lie ins are pretty none existent unless my boyfriend is feeling kind and daddysits them whilst I pretty much roll around in bed until 8:30 listening to them being noisy downstairs..

Pamper time
Wearing make up for the majority of the week makes my skin in need of some loving by the weekend, Sunday is  the day I like to take the time for my skin masks, peels and treatments, i'm absolutely loving the Aztec Indian Heeling clay mask at the moment it's soooo good for reducing blackheads and clearing any gunk from my face.. I also take the time to wash and deep condition my hair.. and of course fake tan.

Snacks, roast dinners.. takeaways, I love stuffing my face. Literally what is better than sitting down to a cosy film and demolishing a whole box of malteasers, ahhh life.

Family Time
I make sure I use Sundays to spend time as a family, I have two kids and a boyfriend and it's normally everyone's day off from work and school so we usually go to the park,soft play or even just a movie day indoors,Also we've for the past few months been taking my 10 month old to water babies swimming lessons which has been really nice, he loves it and is so confident in the water!

Online Shopping
I literally love online shopping browsing through expensive clothes and shoe sites adding 20 gorgeous dresses to my basket, and then never ever buying them.. but a girl can dream hey. I'm more often than not ordering the food shop or something that my son has left at school for the 10th time pretty much anything not exciting.. sigh. 

Planning for the week ahead
On a Sunday evening I make sure I write a list of everything that needs to be done for the week ahead because i'm a scatter brain and forget everything. Get uniforms ready, make sure homework is done, lunches packed to make Mondays a little less stressful than they already are. I say this but it normally it gets to 10o'clock after just binge watching a series and I haven't done any of the above. i'm working on it... 

What do your Sundays consist of?

Love Eden.

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