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Love Life - 5 things I do on a Lazy Sunday.

Love Life - 5 things I do on a Lazy Sunday.

                                 Sundays... ah how I love Sundays a day for lie ins food and relaxing although when you have kids the long sleepy lie ins are pretty none existent unless my boyfriend is feeling kind and daddysits them whilst I pretty much roll around in bed until 8:30 listening to them being noisy downstairs..

Pamper time
Wearing make up for the majority of the week makes my skin in need of some loving by the weekend, Sunday is  the day I like to take the time for my skin masks, peels and treatments, i'm absolutely loving the Aztec Indian Heeling clay mask at the moment it's soooo good for reducing blackheads and clearing any gunk from my face.. I also take the time to wash and deep condition my hair.. and of course fake tan.

Snacks, roast dinners.. takeaways, I love stuffing my face. Literally what is better than sitting down to a cosy film and demolishing a whole box of malteasers, ahhh life.

Family Time
I make sure I use Sundays to spend time as a family, I have two kids and a boyfriend and it's normally everyone's day off from work and school so we usually go to the park,soft play or even just a movie day indoors,Also we've for the past few months been taking my 10 month old to water babies swimming lessons which has been really nice, he loves it and is so confident in the water!

Online Shopping
I literally love online shopping browsing through expensive clothes and shoe sites adding 20 gorgeous dresses to my basket, and then never ever buying them.. but a girl can dream hey. I'm more often than not ordering the food shop or something that my son has left at school for the 10th time pretty much anything not exciting.. sigh. 

Planning for the week ahead
On a Sunday evening I make sure I write a list of everything that needs to be done for the week ahead because i'm a scatter brain and forget everything. Get uniforms ready, make sure homework is done, lunches packed to make Mondays a little less stressful than they already are. I say this but it normally it gets to 10o'clock after just binge watching a series and I haven't done any of the above. i'm working on it... 

What do your Sundays consist of?

Love Eden.

Love Favourites ❤ - Febuary Favourites

Love Favourites ❤ - Febuary Favourites

Hello Gorgeous! 

Today I just wanted to do a quick favourites post of products that I've been obsessed with this month. 

Dove Summer glow, I've actually never tried this before as a few years a go I had a bit of a orange incident using the Garner version so I never really used another gradual tanner again, but I picked this up a few weeks ago and it's so lush, it's surprisingly moisturizing and gives a gorgeous colour you just have to make sure when using your not missing any parts of your body cus you don't wanna be looking like a damn patchy mess, haha. All in all though I am proper enjoying this so if you haven't used it and fake tan is your thing give it a try.

Rimmel Matte Lipstick in Trendsetter, this is truely the only matte lipstick that doesn't make my lips want to shrivel up and die it's so comfortable to wear and a beautiful nude colour.

Blue Magic Coconut Oil, Mettisse brought this round mine she's been using it on her curly hair for years and I kind of dipped my hand in and shoved it on my hair fell in love and brought my own tub.. I have thick wavy/curly frizzy hair and this stuff is soo good for taming it and making it look sleek I literally use such a small amount as it's really rich and you can easily end up look greasy if you use to much.. it calms my hair down so much, however if you don't have thick hair don't even touch it, just don't.

Mac Warm Soul Blush, An old classic that I've been loving this month.. Warm peachy/pink and shimmer.. gorg!

Sleek highlighting kits, I own 'Solstice' and 'Precious Metals' they are both a combo of cream and powder highlights which are so gorg, the gold peachy colour on the bottom right is def my fav for daytime.

Love Eden 

Love Favourites❤ - Laura Mercier

Love Favourites❤ - Laura Mercier

Mettisse's Favourites

LAURA MERCIER! omg, this collection is the most insane body wash, cream, shower gel I have EVER used,  I had only ever used to use the cream before, but my boyf realised how much I loved it and brought the whole set for me for a treat aha. It smells so incredible and not only that but it lasts, I use either the shower gel or body wash depending on whether I'm having a bath or shower, then use the cream which you literally need a pea size of it for each bit of your body, then top it of with a little spritz of the perfume. It is so cute when you have a bath cause you can use the wooden honey dipper to extract the product from the jar into your bath which I think is my favourite part of the whole of this set.

I used this cream on my face once and never again, its defiantly only for your body, it's more like an added scent to wear along side your perfume or on its own. I really can't wait to try other products of hers as she is a professional make up artist and from looking at this bath set i'm sure she would go all out with her make up, I will let you all know how I get on with them

Love Favourites❤ - Coconut Oil

Love Favourites❤ - Coconut Oil

Hello Gorgeous 

Today I wanted to do a quick post about coconut oil.. yes I know it's practically talked to death with everyone jumping on the hype but I wanted to share with you what I use coconut oil for as it's part of my everyday life and I absolutely adore it! My favourite and cheapest I've found to buy is

KTC coconut oil I buy it from Morrison's and it's only £1! One tip when buying coconut oil is make sure it's natural and not just scented with coconut fragrance as pure coconut oil doesn't have a scent..

I slap this all over my dry body like there's no tomorrow my skin practically drinks it, it makes my legs look gorgeous and glowy. I use it as a night time oil on my face too, I wake up with lovely soft skin. 

Bath oil
Candles, wine, good music and a long soak in coconut oil and bath bubbles is guaranteed to make you feel pampered after a long day. 

Hair oil
My hair is very dry and thick and can become quite frizzy if I don't take care of it so coconut oil for me is a great choice of oil to tame my hair and make it sleek. I use it on damp freshly washed hair but if your hair type is quite fine/thin I would definitely use it as a pre shampoo treatment instead!

The healthy option oil to with cook with and is good if your trying to be a bit more health conscious. 

Makeup remover
I use this all the time to take of my makeup it's amazing for taking of mascara with little effort and melting away any gunk you have on your face after a day of looking gorgeous. Love love love.. 

I use before shaving all the time as my legs get razor cuts and rash a lot but using this oil this oil creates a nice rich barrier of protection so I can glide over my legs smoothly.

Love Eden



Hey guys, hope you're all having a fab valentines day. I've had the cutest, more roses than i could ever wish for and Valentines breakfast, how dreamy! Aha. 

I was so stuck on what to get my boyfriend for valentines day, I'm someone that loves little things with a lot: of meaning, I was searching for so long to find the perfect gift then I came across this 'Hand Holding Casting Kit' I saw the photographs of it and thought it was the cutest thing ever!
The Alginate and Stone powder come in little bags like the one to the right, its so easy to do, you  mix the alginate with water to create the mould and hold your hands in there for only 5 minutes! The mould changes colour so you know when its dry which I thought was so handy, no worrying about whether you're taking your hand out too quick, then you mix up the stone powder, pour into the mould and wait 20 minutes, such a quick easy process for such a beautiful finished product.
The Casting Kit came in such an adorable bag as well what a bonus, in the bag you get 

❤ A Plastic Casting Container 
 2 Bags of Alginate (the mould)
❤ 2 Bags of Stone powder
❤ 2 Latex Gloves
❤ A Wooden Cleaning Tool 
❤ Sachet PVA Glue
❤ Brush
So here is the finished product! Quick, easy and affordable, it cost me £50 and came within 2 weeks, I found such an amazing gift that I think can be used for anything, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and be brought for a friend or family member. 

This casting kit was ordered from

such a bad quality video, can not wait to get a proper camera but just wanted to show you guys!




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