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Love Favourites❤ - Real Technique's Core Collection Brushes

Real techniques core collection
Buffing brush - This is the biggest brush in the collection and probably the most famous, seeing as the pixiwoo sisters use them in every video, no wonder it's so raved about. This is the brush I use for my foundation and since getting it I haven't used anything else I find it works with the majority of liquid foundations that I have tried.. I also use this brush with creme bronzer and it works brilliantly for that too.

Contour brush - The contour brush is my personal favourite, I think it's everything a contour brush should be... Small but not too small, and tapered at the point. It places just enough colour on the face and blends it beautifully at the same time.. It's worth buying the kit purely for this little beauty.

Foundation brush - Although labelled as the foundation brush, I rarely use it for this puropse because as as stated before I like most people use the buffing brush for foundation, as I find this brush far too small.. I do however use it for my concealer and I find it perfect for this.

Detailer brush - This brush is good for multipurpose use, I tend to use it mostly for lips but it is also great for the inner corner of the eye and brow bone, I sometimes even use it as a concealer brush for small areas like the sides of the nose.


  1. I have always wanted these brushes omg !! Love your blog and where did you get it from ??

    1. You can get them from a lot of places now, the main one being Boots.. but they are normally slightly cheaper on amazon :)