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Gorgeous Hair❤ - French Plait

Step 1

Brush the hair to remove an knots and tangles so that you can work with the hair easier.

Step 2

Gather the top center section and split it into three smaller sections.

Step 3

Take one section from each side and pass them over the center section.

Step 4

Add a new piece of hair to every section as you go. So you start to include the stray hair.

Step 5

Continue down til you get to the neck line.

Step 6

Pull the remaining hair around the side and finish with a normal braid.

Add an elastic band to the bottom of the braid.

Step 7 (Optional)

Once you know how to do french plaits you can experiment and come up with your own 'GORGEOUS PLAIT' hair styles, comment below if you come up with any good ones!


  1. Love the braiding to the side!
    Very different and looks gorge!

    Please check out my beauty blog xx