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Gorgeous Hair❤ - French Plait Updo Bow

Step 1

Brush all the hair through to remove any knots and tangles.

Step 2

Section the hair into two parts and tie the top big in a hair elastic, you'll need this hair for later on in the tutorial.

Step 3

Select a section of hair from the neckline and split it into three smaller sections, this is where you will begin to do the french plait.

Step 4

The french plait goes up the back of the head, I find it a lot easier to do if you flip your head up side down, so its just like doing a normal french plait - Refer to french plait tutorial if you are unsure.

Step 5

Once you have included all the hair from the bottom section of hair which you made earlier, finish the french plait off with a standard plait at the end and hold with a hair elastic.

Step 6

Collect all the hair up in to a band including the plait to you just did and put the hair in a pony tail.

Step 7

Tease all the hair whilst it is in a pony tail to give your bun that fuller thicker look, take the elastic band out and redo the hair, into a bun. 

Step 8 (Optional)

If you like you could even finish the bun of so it looks like this, to do the bow you simply split the bun into two symmetrical sections, the plait in which you did at the back of the head, pull out through the head elastic so it is still attached to the bun but you have a bit of the plait to play with, simply pull it over the two sections that you made that are symmetrical and grip it to the back of the hair bobble, making sure the head elastic at the end of the plait is tucked away hidden.

Mettisse Nicole


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  2. Great plait! Really like the step-by-step picture guide haha pictures help soooo much with these sorts of things!! :)

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