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Love Favourties❤ - Beauty Sleep (Napwell)

Who doesn't love sleep right!? Snuggling, pyjamas and soft pillows it doesn't get much better than that. I don't know about you guys but there is nothing I love more than getting home after a long day and sinking into a hot bubble bath and then getting into my nice warm bed, but getting a good nights rest is important for your health too, it improves your physical health, promotes healthy brain function and helps emotional wellness.. it also helps with those dark circles we all spend hours on concealing every morning.

Napping in particular is a great way to regain your energy and focus during the day, Often the problem with naps is that horrible, groggy un-motivated feeling you get when you wake up, I normally wake up feeling even more tired than I did before I went to sleep and I also tend to have a throbbing headache *sigh*, the technical term for this is 'sleep inertia' 

A company named napwell have come up with a solution to this problem, the worlds first nap mask....
How does it work?
The inside of the mask lights up gradually to wake you up via a stimulated sunrise so you wake up in a gentle natural way. The napwell mask will help to stop this feeling and wake you up feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of your day. 

I think this is such a brilliant idea and I certainly look forward to trying it and seeing if it will help me shift that post nap feeling.

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  1. This is amazing! Such a good idea.


  2. This is really interesting. My problem with eye masks is keeping them on. I usually wake up with it on the floor! This looks great though!

  3. Yeah I have the same problem (constantly fidgeting :) ) xx