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Gorgeous Hair❤ - Dutch Plait

Step 1

Brush the hair so that you remove any knots or tangles, so you can easily work with the hair.

Step 2 

To start a dutch plait you get a large sub section then split it into three smaller sections, you twist the outside section into the center on both sides.

Step 3

You then start picking up hair and twisting it into the braid, by twisting the outside strands, with the hair you've picked up, into the middle you get a nice full look.

Step 4 

Pulling the strands of hair into the middle, it begins to look like this, once you get to this stage all of the stray hair should be included in the plait, you then carry on bringing the outer sections into the center to finish off the last of the plait. 

Step 5

You then place a hair bobble in the end of the plait - preferably a similar colour to your hair - and it should look like this.

Step 6

If you prefer the scruffy hair look, grab each side of your plait in your palms and pull it outwards, we prefer this look just because the plait looks bigger and fuller! Add little bows to give it that girly touch or maybe a head chain for a more retro look... up to you


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