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Love Life❤ - 5 Quick Gorgeous Tips

1. Brushes Our number one top tip will be make up BRUSHES, we can not stress to you how much of a difference a gorgeous set of brushes makes to your make up m'lovelys. So make sure you splash out a bit on some gorgeous brushes.
We advise 'Real Technique' brushes by 'Samantha Chapman', I admit both me and Eden are a bit of brush fiends. I known that Eden herself has (many) more brushes than she really needs! But why not when they make such a drastic change to your look. The Real Technique brushes are also synthetic so they are cruelty free! For me this is such a massive bonus being an animal lover! I also find in comparison to natural brushes they are less prone to staining and shedding. Check out our 'Real Technique Brush Review' for more information.

2. Say Hello to Gorgeous Eyes Another top tip for all you LHG' readers is prepping the eyes! Before adding any of your eye make up blend a little of your concealer - creamy one preferably, just because the eye shadow powder tends to stick better - onto your lids and the inner corner of your eye this wont only give your eye shadow a base to stick to, but also conceal any redness.

3. Hello Gorgeous! Enhance your cleavage by dusting a shimmery golden body power on your chest, I recommend either the 'Roberto Cavalli' shimmering body power. It smells absolutely incredible, not only will you look gorgeous, but you'll be smelling it to or Body Shops 'The Sparkler' I purchased it a few weeks ago and I've had so much fun using it, just due to the applicant, but it also gives a more natural shimmer. To keep your beautiful body shimmer in place, first apply body lotion (I use the 'Ted Baker Souffle' it's very creamy and has a lovely texture once on the skin, will most definitely be doing a review on the Ted Baker collection i own) I find by applying this body lotion it will prevent the body powder ruining your outfit.

4. Perfect your Scent Before leaving the house, add a scent to your beautiful locks, a smell lingering in your hair will blow all over the place! Using an oil based Scent usually works better because it doesn't dry out, and the smell usually lasts all night. Body Shops Coconut spray, has to be my ultimate favorite, although it isn't oil based, I find it the most prominent and long lasting.

5. Pump up the Gorgeous Starting with dry locks, tease the hair at the roots, flip your head up side down and mist the underneath with hair spray (Got2Be being one of the best hair sprays as it holds the hair in perfect position) switch to cold, aim the hair dryer at random spots on the head this creates pockets of air so they look extra bold and glamorous!

A lot more gorgeous tips coming up!


  1. Some great tips that I definitely will need to try out.
    Great post!

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  2. Hiya! Because I love reading your blog i've nominated you for the Liebster Award! The details are on my blog :) x